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Experts in UV-C Components
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Your Partner for UV System Components

We are

  • an electronic company
  • technology driven
  • quality minded
  • customer focussed
  • fast and flexible
  • a high qualified team

Our Passion

  • best quality products
  • co-operative
    customer relations
  • realization
    of individual solutions
  • development and improvement of innovative technologies

The rainbow upon the ZED building stands for the wide range of our products.

About us

ZED GmbH was founded in August 2001 using experience gathered since 1996. As a result of increasing activities the once small firm has been expanded into a larger company. The first office building in Oehrenstock became to small and ZED moved to their new facility in Langewiesen in 2007.

ZED business activities include the development, production and sales of reliable and efficient electronic driver systems designed to meet the special requirements within the purification and disinfection industry. Standard accessories, classical and highly innovative solutions complement each other. A thorough understanding of the purification business requirements enables ZED to create the next generation accessories for UV systems, e.g. digital sensors, digital controlled electronic ballasts and several control units for sensors and ballasts.

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